With the aid of 3D models this stunning artefact can be brought to life in all it’s glory, and on purchasing the model an immediate download is available as 3DS, DAE, SK and C4D, so that the full extent of this marvel can be used for a wide variety of creative purposes. (see details)

The iconic Great Wall of China is known the world over, and is the largest edifice ever constructed by the human race and can even be seen from space! The historic fortification was started as early on as the 7th century BC, with one of the most famous sections constructed in 220-206 BC by the first Emperor of China – Qin Shi Huang.

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Three-dimensional or 3D models are now used extensively in many fields, not least artistic circles, to provide a stunning representation of a real-life place, building or other object with amazing accuracy and attention to detail. Models can be used in a variety of creative techniques from computer simulations to physical renderings of objects.


The initial aim of the wall was to offer protection to the Chinese Empire from the nomadic tribes that roamed the region and who came down from the Eurasian Steppe, and the full length of the wall is a staggering 21,196 km (or 13,171 miles) comprising of a number of systems that differ in methods of construction and age. The more recent parts which consist of the majority of the wall are from the Ming Dynasty. This covered a time period of 1368-1644 and following an archaeological survey the parts from the Ming Era were found to measure 8,850 km in length.

As befits it’s great age and immense size, the Great Wall of China has had a diverse and fascinating history. Used not only for defensive purposes but also for border controls, the wall was a major trade route for all kinds of goods transported along the Silk Road, such as teas, spices, cotton, ivory and gold. The wall also had all manner of barracks, watch towers and devices for sending signals by fire or smoke.


The sheer size and history of the Great Wall mean that it is a rich source of material for a wide range of artistic, educational and historical purposes. With the superior technological possibilities available through the 3D medium, a great deal of flexibility and manipulation is possible for many uses. Artists can recreate different sections of the wall concentrating on specific periods, architectural styles or dynasties.

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