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In times of 3D animation from Pixar, Disney or Avatar, 3D models are essential ! In times of Augmented Reality, 3D online games and renderings, 3D models are even more essential!

This is especially true for 3D building models. Many Internet platforms as Turbosquid or cgtrader already earn several millions of dollars annually. Including our 101 attractions from around the world.

The time is now for you to earn the same. Now that 3D building models are so important as photos for a blogger.

Jump upon this trend and collect a 50 % commission for each sale!

What’s included:

  • 101 3D building models (6.3 GB)
  • 800 high-resolution renders (2.4 GB)
  • 64 Full-HD Videos of landmarks (799 MB)!
  • File format is Max, 3DS, C4D, SKP & DAE
  • The total value is $18.313,- in Turbosquid
  • 6.3 Gigabyte 3D data + textures / materials
  • CC0 1.0 Universal (Lizenz)
  • Just 499,- Euro

This is how our affiliate program works:

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  3. You will receive 50 % revenue share ( € 249.50 ) – on every sale!

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